Reykjavík by Kælan Mikla

We have been following Iceland’s the coolest punk trio Kælan Mikla since 2016. The band brings together synths and post-punk and produces a great synthesis. At the same time Kælan Mikla is one of the most favorite bands of some Icelandic artists that we like such as Ólafur Arnalds, Sóley, etc. We asked Kælan Mikla about their favorite places in Reykjavík.

for eating

Veganæs, a hidden vegan gem inside Gaukurinn rock bar.

for drinking

Bravó,  a small bar open all day.

for coffee

Prikið, a cheap and cozy diner where everyone knows each other.

for dancing

KiKi, the gay bar downtown.

for music

Gaukurinn, amazing concerts and vegan food inside.

for escaping

Rauða Ljónið, a casino bar where nobody goes, slot machines and a free pool table.

for record shopping

Lucky Records, always representing Kælan Mikla.

for clothes shopping

Spútniik fatamarkaður, its an outlet from the local vintage shop.

for first date

Bíó Paradís, an art house cinema downtown with a café and bar, so cozy.

for inspiration

A trip to the countryside beats anything for walking: take a walk by the seaside in the west side of town.

for sleeping

At home with your cat or a partner of your choice.

for the best view

The tower of Hallgrímskirkja, the big church in the city centre.

your favorite local place

The harbour area is a charming place to go and have coffee with a few old sailors or spend time with yourself.

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