New: Ora The Molecule – “A Piece Of Heaven”

Norway’s Ora The Molecule share “A Piece Of Heaven,” the fourth and final single from their delightful pop Sugar EP.

Ora The Molecule is a global music collective with various inspirations and headed by Nora, an artist originally from Oslo who relocated to Los Angeles to meet her estranged Father and the rest of the band (Sju, a Slovakian hat maker and Jan, a German touring synth player). After their meeting, the three artists started to make music together and decided to move to a small village in Spain’s Andalusian mountains in order to find the silence and peace necessary to make music. About this process, Nora explained:

I found myself trapped in an obsessive entrepreneurial networking routine because of the financial pressure due to high living cost in the city” says Nora, “I noticed a dangerous numbness occurring in myself seeing hundreds of homeless people, I was suppressing my feeling of empathy to keep going, I felt a need to remove myself from the city because of my weakness to distraction.

Before adding:

I wanted to experience life without parking tickets, concrete, noise, pollution, traffic, gang affiliation and the inescapable focus on the money. I also had good memories of living in a Spanish village as a child and hoped that returning to that would help me reconnect with myself and gain perspective”

Their latest track, the infectious “A Piece of Heaven,” is already the fourth and final single of their amazing pop EP, Sugar. Opening with gentle guitars, the track quickly brings in a buoyant synth-pop chorus loaded with flamboyant, heavenly Anglo-Norwegian chamber vocals. About the track, she stated:

This song is an attempt to fight social anxiety. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s quote ‘Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.’ It takes courage to share yourself and the song is an attempt to motivate you to share your thoughts and create stories in yours and other people’s lives. The lyrics advocate that you can create heaven on earth if you decide to and not to be afraid of taking the first step towards it.”

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