New: Great News – “TV”

After the release of their debut album Wonderfault, Norwegian band Great News return with anthemic “TV. “

If you were born in the 90s, you probably know MTV, the series Friends and Six Feet Under, and so many other iconic TV shows. With the arrival of the internet, the hegemony of traditional TV and its influence on people have dramatically decreased. This is the idea behind Great News’ new song “TV.”

With the euphoric hooks of “TV,” the Bergen’s daze-pop band want to make a statement and raise some questions:

We felt like sharing some new music, and TV seemed like the perfect song to release. We’ve been thinking about how television has had such an enormous impact on our lives. We find ourselves walking down the street and seeing all the TV screens lighting up people’s apartments, creating common memories for different generations. Who really decides what to watch or what to listen to now? The age of conventional TV is definitely over, but these new platforms are also heavily influencing our choices and how we make them.”

Listen to Great News’ glorious, epic new single below.

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