New: Hernandez – Magical Sad News – Zehra Remix

A new and young talent from Oslo’s rising electronic music scene, Zehra remixed Hernandez’s new single “Magical Sad News”. With her edited version the song is really good for, what we all need, “crying on dance floor”.
We had the chance to chat with Zehra through this beautiful remix! Don’t forget to listen to her edit on Magical Sad News while reading our interview with her;

– Hi Zehra, let’s start with a classic one, How is everything going? What are you up to these days?

Things are good! I am very busy, but a lot of exciting things are happening for me. I study Farmasi at Oslomet in Oslo and have a lot of exams these days, but also making music, planning the release of Magical Sad News, hanging out with my friends, Ramadan and finding time for family. Haha, it’s a lot, but I love being busy. 

– We really liked your work on Hernandez’s track. How did you come up with the idea remixing Magical Sad News?

Thank you! It was kind of random actually. I met Petter, the vocalist in Hernandez, while playing a DJ gig and he came over and said he liked my stuff. We started talking about how it would be cool to make a remix for them, to make them stand out a little more. He sendt me Magical Sad News and I made a fast edit and sendt it back all in one night. The band liked it and then I started working on it more together with Petter, and it became what it is now. 

– Are there any plans to release/ produce your own tracks?

Right now the plan is to work more with Hernandez. I like working with their sound, and that their music actually is kind of far away from what I usually do. Also I am always producing my own stuff on the side. I guess we will see how the remix will be received, and take it from there.

– How do you feel about your track is listened in places far away from Norway?

I think it is AWESOME! Though I am born in Norway, both my parents are from Turkey, so it is especially exciting for me if people in Turkey listen to my track. My mom calls me müzisyen, and she would die if people in Turkey listened to it. Haha. 

– Are there any artists that you want to work with or are there any names that inspires you a lot?

Omg yes. So many. I would love to work with a norwegian artist called Lil Halima, she is great. I made an edit of her song «Take me to your planet» but its not released obviously. Jorja Smith is pretty much my idol. I also look up to Wondagurl, she is a female producer that works with all the big stars in hip hop, and she inspires me that as a woman I can also can do that. I listen to a lot of Turkish music as well, I have been listening to Ben Fero lately and think he is pretty cool. So Ben Fero if you see this hit me up!

– This question is for your possible fans who wants to visit Oslo. Can you suggest some places for best first date in Oslo? What would you do/ plan for best first date? 

Well first of all I would get out of the city centre and go to for example the part of Oslo called Tøyen. They have this beautiful park by the botanical garden. You could start in the botanical garden and look at all the crazy plants, then have a piknik in the park, if its a sunny day this would be the best date option if you ask me. If its raining, which it is right now, I would go to the movies or to a indoors minigolf place called «Oslo Camping». I love Oslo, so I recommend everyone to come here! But come in the summer cause it is freezing in the winter. Haha. 

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