New: Wy – “Cope”

Swedish duo Wy have finally released their sophomore album Softie; a 10-track record loaded with mellow anthems about self-doubt, social anxiety and the search for happiness.

Lovers in the real life and in the studio, Wy are one of our favorite purveyors of sad pop since the release of their debut album, Okay, in 2017. With its striking lyrics and hazy guitars, their new record Softie follows the same path while introducing some new sound elements, like in the hyperactive lead single “Pavements”.

As the band tweeted, this new record is really special to them and comes with a singular message: “Remember that there is no shame in being vulnerable, in being unstable, in feeling very much all the time. Keep feeling, be an explosion, be unhinged, be chaotic – BE A SOFTIE.”

Inspired by this adage, “Cope” is one of the smoother tracks on the record, at least on its first part. “Don’t need someone to tell me, what I am and what I’m not, I’m not afraid of being soft,” sings unapologetically Ebba.

Listen to “Cope” below and check the full album via Spotify.

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