New: Vacation Forever – “Shadow”

Swedish artist Vacation Forever collaborates with creative coder Johanna Tano for the video of his new song “Shadow.”

Swedish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, painter and model Zacharias Zachrisson releases music as Vacation Forever for some years now. After a very challenging year in 2017 (the loss of his mother, quitting his band, dealing with severe stage fright), the artist decided to reset his music project from scratch. Following up on his 2018’s self-titled debut EP, he is now back with a brand new song and video.

Produced by Jeff Bhasker (and released via Bhasker’s label Kravenworks), his new track “Shadow” sounds actually brighter than what you might think at first. On a hypnotic instrumentation that his mentor labels as Tropical Emo, the artist adds tortured yet vibrant vocals and surf-guitar riffs. The dream pop track also comes with a video which was crafted by creative coder and technologist Johanna Tano. About this collaboration, he explained:

“The idea of this video started with an Instagram post in my feed by my friend Johanna Tano (@johannatano). She was working on an amazing visual art project with a bunch of old TVs. So I sent her a DM: “Can I borrow your TVs for my new music video?”. And she said YES!

How it works? I have no idea! Johanna is a genius. There’s a lot of matrix code, computers, cables and black painted stands for the TVs. Together with the video director, Albin Eidhagen, we created custom made videos and animations for the TV screens which was live mixed when we filmed it.

If you look closely, you can see me skateboarding on one of the screens. We filmed me skating around in a green spandex bodysuit. That was kind of strange.”

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