New: HILDUR – Woman at War

Icelandic popstar Hildur just came out with a new single, called Woman at War.

It is gentle, yet has a lot of meaning. It is melodic, yet makes you think deeply about it, about the position you have in society. It is simply beautiful.

The song makes you hold your breath in order not to miss anything. The trained voice is masterfully capturing your attention and even after the last words have died out, you can still hear her gorgeous timbre in your ears, as if it already managed to engrave itself into your brain.

You cannot argue that Hildur’s message is for everyone and speaks only the truth. Especially in today’s world, where meaningful messages should be more often shared via music. To check it out yourself, you can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or other platfurms here.

Support this amazing woman who knows what she is talking about. Help her not be at war by listening the words. We promise that you will enjoy it.

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