New: Chorus Grant – “Lives”

Danish singer-songwriter Chorus Grant returns with “Lives,” an intricate and absorbing chamber folk track that introduces a brand new album.

It has been five long years since Kristian Finne aka Chorus Grant released his last solo album. During this long period, the Danish artist was not totally absent though as he released an album with Cancer, the Danish indie pop duo that he founded with Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (not the British death metal band obviously). He has also been working on his yet untitled new record that is all about transitions of life, and the liminal space between the old and the new- the “what was” and the “what will be”. About his inspiration and creative process, he detailed:

“Music and songwriting is my most trusted friend. It helps me to understand life and give voice to ponderings that can’t not be articulated in normal conversation. I’ve felt an urgency to write these songs that deal with transition and transformation, floating mid-air between an old and new life. My hope is this new record will resonate with others, serving as a mirror where people can unravel their own lives and find comfort in the fact that no one is alone when facing fundamental change.”

With newly found inspiration from medieval songs, Chorus Grant embraces a brand new sound that can be heard in the lead single, “Lives.” A slice of bedroom folk with a dramatic yet intimate chamber orchestration, “Lives” beautifully oscillates between light and shadow.

The introspective track also comes with a video made by rising star painter and visual artist Jakob Steen with who he has already collaborated several times. The video, which was shot in Steen’s studio located in an industrial area of Copenhagen, portrays Chorus Grant in a locked setting that leaves no other option than to communicate with eyes, face and voice. Watch below.

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