NEW: Beatrice Eli – Showgirl

As you can see thanks to Nordik Simit, there is no lack of showgirls in Sweden. There is, however, only one Beatrice Eli.

She has come out with a new set, performed live and available for us to listen. Being borderline synth-pop, it is exactly what we dig this spring. Weather cannot decide what it should be, but we know for sure that there is a promise of great things in her voice. This is perfect transformation album from spring to summer.

Beatrice’s voice is unique and different, it sounds similar to what you have heard, but has it’s magic, something additional, something you cannot pinpoint.

There is no doubt we enjoy her music. The words, the presence, the sound – it stucks with you. You find your own song from the album, one song that speaks to you. So check it out and maybe let others know as well?

Listen to Showgirl here and also follow her on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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