Oslo by Vandbakk

Today, Vandbakk is heralding his second single called “Emotions” and we are delighted to listen new tracks by talented musician. Even from the first time we heard the track, “Emotions”is already in the loop. During 2 minutes and 49 seconds, Vandbakk offers a completely different universe to listener although he talks about a very fundamental subject such as emotions, but the manner how Vandbakk does this is different than the others. That’s why we have to pay attention to him. 

Would you like to discover Oslo according to Vandbakk’s favorite places? Meanwhile, do not forget to lend an ear to his newest single while discovering Oslo!

for eating

Curry and Ketchup has everything you could want for an Indian dining experience in Oslo. Rich atmosphere, friendly crew, and most importantly, the food is amazing. If you’re out clubbing and you need that night-kebab, there’s no place like The Corner. Once you’ve had their kebab, everything else becomes mediocre. Sorry every other kebab place. 

for drinking

This one has to go to Dattera til Hagen. I love the colorful theme and the overall vibe. Go there, get drunk.


for coffee

Kulturhuset has everything I would look for in a coffee sippin’ scenario. Perfect place to get some studying/work done, but also a cool hangout spot. Pretty big venue, lots of space. It has a classy feel to it, but it’s still humble.

for dancing

This one is difficult, but I’m partial to BLÅ. Maybe because it’s close to The Corner. But also because it has a big open dance floor, the ceiling’s high and they hire dope DJ’s. I could go there by myself and still have a good time. 

for music

Jaeger. Love everything about this place. The outside areas, the bar, and the dancefloor in the basement. Most importantly, the music is always tasty. They typically have DJ’s but they also have a stage for bigger lineup performances.

for escaping

Escaping for me involves going to a skatepark to wear my stress away. I would like to take this opportunity to promote Oslo skatehall. A very well put together indoor/outdoor skatepark. Recently there has been built plenty of skateparks here, so if that’s your thing, you’re gonna love Oslo. 

for record shopping

I love this place called Bare Jazz. It’s both a café and a record store. What else could you possibly need? 

for clothes shopping

There are a couple of good vintage clothing shops in Oslo, but my favorite has to be Robot. This place has a lot of cool stuff, go get yours.

for first date

For a first date it’s good to have something to do while getting to know each other. That’s why I’ll recommend a place called Oslo camping. It’s an indoor mini-golf place. And they sell alcohol. On top of that, they also play really good music. Good luck finding love, people. It’s out there.

for inspiration

Rent a bike and ride along the shore from Tjuvholmen to Bygdøy. Nice trip, really recommend it if you visit during the summer.

for walking

Go for a stroll in the Grünerløkka area, lots of cool places to shop and eat. Frognerparken is also a must see.

for sleeping

Wherever you can find a bed, I guess. 

for the best view

My favoritespot for seeing Oslo’s beautiful rooftops is definitely the top of Tøyen parken. Go there, and you’ll find a secluded lookout point where you can see most of the city.

your favorite local place

Go to Gamlebyen. I love that part of town, and here you’ll find GSF, which is one of my favorite skateparks. It’s built on an old bridge, and it’s located in the outskirts of the city. 

This gives you a break from the busy city atmosphere, and you’re surrounded by skateboarders. Very nice people in my opinion. You’ll also get a good view of the city centre, and the Oslo-fjord.

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