New: Sandra Kolstad – “Catch 22”

If you are a regular reader of Nordik Simit, you already know Sandra Kolstand as we are following her since by:Larm Festival back in 2017. Today the Oslo-via-Berlin songstress unveils a brand new track, “Catch 22”, about love at first sight.

Love is a magic spell: it can’t be understood and pushes people to do crazy things. With “Catch 22”, the artist is ready to take risks for a stranger and encapsulates this mysterious attraction by combining powerful, devoted lyrics and an ethereal, voluptuous electronic drop. About the track, she explained:

“Catch 22 is a love song cast out to an unidentified recipient. The intimacy that can instanty develop between two people who don’t know each other. It’s also a song about what one is willing to do for the experience of love. Falling in love involves a great deal of hope, and courage, and the very real possibility of being very disappointed. “

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