New: IRAH – “Cinematic”

Danish duo IRAH document the Balkan war with striking new video “Cinematic”.

Next month, IRAH will release their debut album Diamond Grid on Tambourhinoceros. Ahead of this release, the duo consisting of singer Stine Grøn and pianist Adi Zukanović have shared a stunning video for a very emotional track titled “Cinematic”. Soothing and dreamy, the personal track takes some distance from their usual experimental soundscapes but remains poignant for its serious topic.

Indeed, the video is telling the story of IRAH’s Adi Zukanović who was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia) and had to escape the war at the age of four. Dealing with the consequences of the Balkan war, it looks like a documentary thanks to its VHS aesthetic. About the visuals, the directors Jakob Steen and Samina Bazai stated:

“We dove into the picturesque colors of the VHS tapes, and deliberately tried to listen to, and understand, the material, rather than manipulating it, or making it more aesthetically appealing. We tried to follow the song’s own logic and inherent narrative structures, as well as the associative connections between the sound, imagery and words. “

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