New Album: dePresno – Technicolor

One of the most exciting musicians from Bergen, dePresno has been on the playlists of many Norwegian radio stations since his the first single published. In 2016, Hide and Seek was one of the most played tracks on NRK P3 . When dePresno released his single Paper Thin in last October, it was like a preview of his long-awaited debut album. Finally it is here, and it is one of the albums that you fell in love with every song in.

We were already certain that dePresno’s album would be really good but it turns out the album is fantastic. The album promises rich sounds and deep words as its name. Since he worked closely with a dream team consists names, that if you are a good Nordik Simit follower, probably you’ve heard, such as Fred Well, Askjell and Odd Martin

As he is also born and grown in a city that King of Convenience, Röyksopp, and AURORA from, we are sure that in couple of years, dePresno will be mentioned as biggest names of Bergen’s music scene.

Don’t forget to add all songs to your playlists and share your favorites with us!

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