New: OX – Where Will You Be?

Scene from the music video

Alternative, futuristic, pop – that is how you can describe quartet named OX the best. Located in Gothenburg, they have brought us a new release with music video just at the beginning of this month.

The song itself and video seem to be slightly scary, but it has a strong feeling. Lyrics are very focused on relevant topics and make the listener think. Combining it with the enthralling music video, they have made a trap for everyone, so make sure you pay attention to words while watching it.

Where will you be?

Compassion and empathy are often displayed in pieces of art or music, but rarely so strongly and well. Members Ida Gudmundsson (vocals, ukulele), Tone Persdotter (vocals, philicorda, synthesizer), Simon Larsson (synthesizer, beats) and Ragnard Bern (percussion) have done an amazing job with this.

The song is also available on Spotify and feel free to check out their official page as well!

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