Introducing: FUSHIA

There are definitely many artists with relatives also making music, but we are yet to meet identical twin sisters from FUSHIA.

Twins from Fushia

Originally from Denmark, Nathalie and Mathilde now spend most of their time in Stockholm and London, sending each other ideas back and forth in order to create music. Their amazing thoughts and action has brought us their first single, “Transparent Girls” with more pieces to be released soon.

The song is much deeper in both musical level as well as in it’s meaning. It is a wonderful feeling to listen to it, knowing that the sisters are only 22 years old and realizing, how much knowledge they have and how much talent is still hidden within.

“Transparent Girls” is eerie with its melodic hums and little scary with the vulnerability the emotions are put into words. It is dreamy, yet a bit systematic and honestly makes you hold your breath, as you are drowning in the voices and music of these two girls.

The song is available for listening on Spotify here. We strongly recommend to keep an eye also on their Facebook and Instagram for further updates and excitement!

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