Interview: M.I.L.K.

We can define M.I.L.K., in other words Denmark’s Kazy Lambist, is one of the chillest and the most enjoyable musicians of Denmark. Emil Wilk or with his stage name M.I.L.K. reached a large audience within a short time. He created his music universe dominated by electronic funk and soul tunes, influenced by musicians like Jungle and Rhye. Finally, Emil, in other words M.I.L.K., released his first single ‘Following The Sun’ in 2016 and afterwards his debut EP ‘A Memory of A Memory of A Postcard’. For several years, M.I.L.K. has released only two EPs and singles, but he is now ready to share his debut album with the audience. Last Friday, he just released a beautiful track called ‘Jet Ski’ and we utterly loved it!

-Hej Emil or M.I.L.K., how are you doing? What are you up to these days? 

M.I.L.K.: I’m good. Super good. In the studio for the next 2 month to work on my album. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such great people both and travel so much. Can’t complain.

What does M.I.L.K. stand for?

M.I.L.K.: Maybe I Love Kokomo.

-Since the first moment when I heard your music, I really felt the French influence in your music. When I got deeper in your discography I realized your collaborations with French musicians. How did you find yourself in French music market as well? 

M.I.L.K.: It just kind of happened. I’ve spent a lot of time there. But I guess I only started to gravitate towards France after the radio there really picked up my songs and all these doors started to open. So when it got time to sign a deal and I had the option to go with either UK labels or French labels I just felt more at home in France. Plus, everything is better in France. The food, the wine, the music, the architecture, the general taste of the population. I’d definitely choose the French away again if I had the choice. French people appreciate other things than the very standardized format of pop in UK. Plus, the accent of the French girl, you know.

-You’re going to release your debut album soon. What is it called, how do you feel about it? After a long time, you’re finally releasing your debut album. It must be a different feeling than releasing singles. 

M.I.L.K.: Very different. All my sporadicly released singles and EP has been kind of warm-up for album-time. I’ve used it to refine my creative team and experiment. Now I ready for the real debut, and I’ve found all the people I want to create this with. A mix of really accomplished and badass producers, and then unknown virtuos kids that just plays Mozart-levels on their instruments. I want the album to breath with deep musicianship mixed with organically based productions. I’m really proud of the songs.

-When did you start to start up your own band? How did it happen? 

M.I.L.K.: M.I.L.K. is not a band. I bring a band when I play live though. 

-As the tunes that you use in your music, it is more chill, more exotic than the other Danish bands I think. Do you still think that the atmosphere and the environment that you are in influence your music?

M.I.L.K.: I’m influenced by a longing to escape the cold winters of the north. So in that sense I’d say it’s very influenced by my surroundings (Copenhagen), but it properly doesn’t sound like it. I guess. I’m very inspired by movies and filmsand pictures and art. I’m more inspired by these things than other music. 

-How was working with Benjamin Biolay? He is a French icon. I really like him!

M.I.L.K.: It was a dream come true. He’s one of my heroes. He’s the contemporary equivalent of Serge Gainsbourg – they are very different, but still embodies som of the same qualities. I’ve learned a lot in the time we worked together. Mostly about personality and charisma. I don’t care about anything but greatness when it comes to art an music, Benjamin shares this approach I think. No compromises is a good way to start a collaboration. I’d work with him any day in the future. Actually think I’m gonna write him after this interview.

-You actually have lots of monthly listeners in Istanbul. Did you ever play in Turkey before? 

M.I.L.K.: I’d love to go. As soon as someone invites me I’ll hop on a plane and come play. Istanbul is such a beautiful city. Just write me at

-What was the most challenging thing for you as a musician? 

M.I.L.K.: To find the right team and refine our process. There’s a lot of compromises in the music industry. And I don’t like those. So it’s taken quite a but of time to arrive at this point where I am now where I don’t have to worry too much about all those and just create the music and visuals etc. that I want.

-What was your motivation your latest EP ‘Maybe I Love Kokomo’? You also worked with Blondage and Benjamin Biolay for this EP. How do you distinct your two EPs between each other. 

M.I.L.K.: The first EP is for groovy chill-time at the beach. The second EP is more focused on the hips.

-Do you follow Danish music scene? Do you have some favorite Danish bands? 

M.I.L.K.: I follow it closely, so many great people. That’s a whole article in it self.

-Do you also have some favorite French bands that you’d like to collaborate in the future? 

M.I.L.K.: L’Impératrice, Paradis, Daft Punk, The Avener, Angele, Romeo Elvis, Lomepal, Benjamin Biolay. Some of these are not French, but they sing in French. A lot of fantastic artists in France.

-How was working with Liima? What did you do guys together actually? I follow their band from the beginning. I really like their experimental side. 

M.I.L.K.: I directed a music video for them, together with my friend Jonas Bang. I love Liima. They’re great. You can see the video here:

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