Oslo by Jesper Jenset

21-year-old Norwegian musician Jesper Jenset has reached over 70 million streaming since his first singles. Jesper, who made his breakthrough in the international music scene with his first EP ‘Waves Vol.1’, won the listener’s heart with his ‘Lies’ and ‘Painkiller’ tracks. Jesper now heralds 2019 with the his newest single ‘Red Eyes’, which is a very attractive, catchy, unforgettable and R&B’ish track. We talked with Jesper about his favorite places in Oslo. While reading this city guide, don’t forget to listen Jesper’s tracks! 🙂

for eating

I love Indian, and my favourite restaurant is Jewel of India.

for drinking

Check out Torggata Botaniske for awesome drinks.

for coffee

I like to make my own coffee, but also enjoy the one at Tranen at Waldemar Thranes gate 70.

for dancing

Ingensteds, which means nowhere, is a good place to get sweaty on the dance floor.

for music

There’s so much live music in Oslo I’m spoilt for choice, but Parkteatret is one of my neighbourhood favourites.

for escaping

I’ll go home to my hometown of Molde to be with family and childhood friends.

for record shopping

I mostly stream music, but for vinyl collectors I recommend Big Dipper.

for clothes shopping

I’m lucky/lazy and hardly ever shop for clothes, but will stop by Futur or, for vintage, Fretex or Velouria Vintage.

for first date

Do something different, like indoor climbing, so check out Vulkan Klatresenter

for inspiration

Hop on a city bike and ride down to the beach – probably Huk – with my friends.

for walking

Grefsenkollen, a great workout plus, a great view!

for sleeping

My favourite hotel The Thief has the best beds. And breakfast. And spa! 

for the best view

Again, Grefsenkollen. You can see all of Oslo and the fjord with all the islands. A little bit like home in Molde.

your favourite local place

Colonel Mustard. Fun fact, I only recently learned how to pronounce “colonel” correctly. It’s “kernel”. Who knew? 

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