Bergen by Askjell

Askjell Solstrand is Norway’s one of the most desired producers. He is also the producer of famous names like SigridAurora and Kjartan Lauritzen. He also produced Aurora’s last album ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – Step 1’. Moreover, he will even accompany Aurora with his band on her next European tour. As well as being a great producer, Askjell will also release his tracks this spring by Island Records label.

We talked to Askjell about his favourite places in Bergen and we utterly loved his advices! 🙂

for eating

If you’re looking for a solid dinner, you can’t go wrong with Allmuen, remember to get some of those grilled vegetables as a side dish! If you wanna level up even further, and really treat yo self, go get the full Bergen neo-nordic food experience at Lysverket. Check out Hoggorm for all your pizza needs, Kafé Spesial if you’re on a budget, and Don Pippo, Smakverket or Landmark for a sweeeet lunch.

for drinking

The holy trinity of Muskedunder, Ujevnt and Legal is essential for every musician in Bergen, but make sure you drop by Don Pippo if you’re in the mood for some wine!

for coffee

Ahhh, coffee. It goes by many names, liquid black gold, producer fuel, work blood, fluid happiness, but I think I prefer WOKE-JUICE. If you want top class next level coffee, Bergen is not a bad place to be. You can’t go wrong with freshly brewed coffee from Vågal, Blom or Kaffemisjonen. If you’re already at Landmark having your lunch, 100% go for coffee as well, I had one of my best coffee experiences there in May 2017 and I will probably never forget it.

for dancing

Dance everywhere. In the streets, in your home, at the store, and I guarantee you’ll be alienated socially but have a really fucking good time doing it on a more serious note, nothing quite beats a good DJ at Landmark on a saturday night, or if you’re ready to indulge in some guilty pleasure moves, drop by Silent Disco at Vaskeriet on a wednesday/thursday!

for music

Build some cultural capital with some classical music at Grieghallen, check out your favourite act at USF Verftet, up and coming underground music at either Hulen, Kvarteret or Østre, or just visit me in the studio, and I’ll play you some fresh tunes :):):)

for escaping

Just jump on a random bus, that’s what I usually do. Take a walk out to Nordnesparken and treat yourself with a sexy sunset over Askøy, where I was born, walk up to Fløyen, take a tour through some very cozy parts of Bergen – just find yourself the narrowest street and think “wow how the fuck did they build this shit” – good places for that would be anywhere on Sydnes, Nordnes or Vågen (maybe go up to Lille Øvregaten and go from there). GO BOWLING AT VESTKANTEN, it’s trashy, but a great escape.

for record shopping

Unfortunately not that many cool places for that in Bergen, but Apollon is pretty damn nice, a good old record store turned into a bar! Grab yourself a beer, and yes, they still sell records.

for clothes shopping

Twisted, LOT333, Vintage Sisters, or get my dad to design a hoodie for you :):)

for first date

Dates are awkward. Don’t do it.

for inspiration

Probably a lot of the same things as the stuff I mentioned for escaping. But I’ll include an bonus pro tip: if you don’t really care about football – go watch the local team Brann play. I once had severe writer’s block, and just needed to do something I normally never would do, and it worked. Life hacks. In general, getting inspired is all about breaking patterns/habits and experiencing new things, so I guess just travelling to Bergen in itself should be inspiring enough!

for walking

Everywhere. The beauty of Bergen is that the city center itself is really small, so you can, and should walk everywhere. As mentioned, Fløyen, Nordnes, or if you’re looking for a longer trip – walk from Ulriken to Fløyen. Even taking a bus or boat out to Askøy is nice if you want a bit more nature, go out to Ask, Herdla or Ramsøy and walk for hours.

for sleeping

My own bed is okay I guess, but please don’t drop by without an appointment.

for the best view

Fløyen. Or visit where I grew up, get up to Storevardsbrekka/Storevarden on Askøy and enjoy a pretty sick panoramic view from Bergen to Nordhordalandsbrua.

your favourite local place

Lydriket, the studio I work in. There must be a reason I’ve spent so much time here. Because I’m a huge nerd and I have no life.

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