SJUR stands for SUMMER

Summer is in full swing. It is no lie that it has been for quite some time, but finally it feels like it too. One contributing factor definitely being the new summer music coming out everwhere.

There is one area of music that does not get talked quite as much in Nordic music, as I would like – this is producers’ and DJ’s job.

Photo: Mathias Birkeland

Thus this is the reason I am trying to introduce you to SJUR – a Norwegian who has managed to hit tons of streams for his previous work, such as “Let Me Love You” and “What Do I Do“, following “Rich & Famous” (featuring the young hearththrob from Finland, Isac Elliot).

He – just towards the end of June – came out with the latest single “One Way Ticket“. And let me tell you – if not already, it will definitely become big in 2018. This upbeat, positive soundtrack is exactly what is missing from your hottest season. It doesn’t matter if you listen to it in the car, going for a run, or just in the morning on your commute to work. It will set you up for being motivated and gets you pumped for the most tedious of tasks.

I truly recommend you give his stuff a shot – no one regrets listening to popmusic in summer, especially when it is good. But beware – it IS addictive.

Check out SJUR on your preferred music platform here.

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