Nothing Ever Really Ends: With or Without You

Every New Year’s Eve there comes a moment when we think of better ways of having the best life we can have. We look at ourselves, the ones around us and ask ourselves the thought-provoking questions that lead us to make choices. Embracing what we have and just go with it or changing the path.

In this splendidly realistic short written and directed by Jakob Rørvik, Ebba and Marius announce the friends their decision to consciously uncouple as they feel like putting too much of themselves that they don’t have the control in their own lives anymore. As they keep changing their minds over the course of years whether this is the end or not, they get to the point that is kind of a grey area where there is only reflections on everything they’ve been through rather than embracement of the moments spent together and they just can’t shake each other off which causes some kind of a tragic cycle in the relationship.

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