Norse Alert In Video Games: God of War

The eighth instalment of the series was highly anticipated and the reviews show that it did not disappoint. Taking up the story from God of War III, the game has a change of scenery. Gone the spartan demi-god wreaking havoc between Greek gods, it is time for a Norse adventure and a little bit of family time. The players meet Kratos in Midgard, with his son, preparing for the funeral of his wife. The father and son set out to grant her last wish: her ashes spread from the top of Jotunheim.

Along the way, you fight with the undead like draugar and hel walker, trolls, wolves and revenant ghosts. You discover stories of giants and other lore on your way, hearing about familiar gods like Thor, Odin,  Freja, Magni and Móði and many more, and even meet the world serpent. Baldur is one of the many bosses like Valkyries you fight with not to mention multiple times. God of War 4 keeps the old balanced style of puzzles and vicious combat but also introduces more exploration of the realm. The beautifully designed Nordic and mythicalscenery surrounds you and does more than space filling in the game.

Discover the new Kratos, haunted by his bloodthirsty past, trying to protect his son from same mistakes, and settle in for a Nordic adventure that has more to come in the future.

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