Hross í oss/ Of Horses and Men

In Iceland, many people are interested in other professions in addition to their major profession, thanks to the low population that allows for personal development. Benedikt Erlingsson is one of them. He mainly stars as an actor on TV and in Icelandic movies, but this time he undertakes the directing role for Of Horses and Men, his first feature-length film.

Of Horses and Men takes place at a small town in Iceland where everyone knows each other and can “easily” learn about each other’s lives. It presents us the stories of human beings through the medium of horses. The director actually conjoins separate “short films” one after the other but he has some hard time in terms of flow and coherence. In terms of events following one after the other the coherence is provided; however, the film in general lacks it.

Author: Rumeysa Kaya

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