New Video: Kid Astray – Joanne

Kid Astray, consisting of five musicians (Benjamin Giørtz, Håkon Sageng Carlin, Alex Meek, Even Steine and Jakob Bechmann) from Sandvika —twenty minutes from Oslo, made a major breakthrough in 2012 winning ‘Ukas Urørt’. The band has covered a long distance in six years and become one of the most thrilling bands in Norway.

Kid Astray released six singles playlisted on the radio station P3, coming up to a solid group of listeners and is already a new addiction for millions of Spotify users. Besides that,‘Fall to My Knees’ was elected song of the week, ‘Ukas Låt’. New musicians that NRK always keeps tabs on also have a chance to prove themselves thanks to P3.

Creating upbeat electropop songs with sweetest vibes, Kid Astray has been gearing up to present their new song since last fall. There is no doubt that their single ‘Joanne’ is to make a fresh appearance. Listening to ‘Joanne’ is an experience that lands you on clouds of electro indie pop mixed with successful acoustic components. Vocals have a captivating voice adding up to the highly interesting atmosphere Kid Astray creates.

Band members on ‘Joanne’

“We’ve written and recorded many songs since fall but none made us meet in the middle like Joanne did. Joanne is really quite new and fresh a start for us, too.”

New playlist: Songs to dream with; Drømme godt

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