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Anton Alvin‘s solo project FLAWS is getting bigger every day. It is a special project because he writes, produces and releases all music and it doesn’t fit in any other project that he is active in. Sooner he is going to release a new EP and will be touring Europe. That means we are going to hear him a lot in 2017!

FLAWS is based in Göteborg, beautiful Swedish city. We wanted to make a Gothenburg guide with him and it is our first one! Don’t forget listen his latest single “Prove Me (Wrong), while reading his favorites in the city. And you can also check other guides such as Senja by Moddi, Reykjavik by Olafur Arnalds, Copenhagen by Fallulah and more below.

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for eating

Okay. I’ve been SEARCHING for places to recommend this crypt. And finally, worlds collide, and I get the chance to spread the word about one of this planets finest establishments, Xing Long on Kobbarnas väg

for drinking

You heard me! Xing Long

for coffee

Haha. Xing Long. No actaully, I don’t know about that. They’ll probably sell you a cup if you’d ask. But, I’m not sure. Think I might bail on that one. I’ll try to be a bit more specific on this one. I really like the café at the library. Stadsbiblioteket, I remember it as pretty expensive, and a bit pretentious maybe. But, depending on how much time you’re spending, you’ll feel like the perfect human being for at least 40 minutes.

Credit: Beatrice Törnros/ Göteborg & Co

for dancing

I’d probably say Pustervik, it’s a place where the most primitive parts of your brain can get a hold of your legs, and all of a sudden your on your toes, believing that you might actually be the reincarnated Prince. Or at least that what happens to me now and then.

for music

Oceanen. Or at Pustervik. Kind of depending on the music, right? I remember seeing this super strange band in Paris once. Shitty place, people were smoking inside, no windows, but still a great experience, and I’ve also been to super slick gigs with amazing scenery and everything, but it still left me untouched.

Credit: Samuel Isaksson/

for escaping

Skatås. Just some old fashioned trees, woods and spirit animals you know. Nothing more, nothing less, just a piece of mother nature.

for record shopping:

Mynt och Musik at Friggagatan. Some people actually listen to music online theses days, I mean, though their phones. haha. It’s a strange world, I’m telling ya

for design

Museum of World Culture at Korsvägen. Super cool, super classy, we recorded parts of the video for my new single there:)

for clothes shopping

Velour By Nostalgi. Magasinsgatan. mmmmmm. That’s where a person can go from ”OK” to ”perfection”.

for first date

Meet and great at Järntorget. Timeless classic. And then probably walk 40 meters to Publik or Holy Moly

for inspiration

Svenska Grammofonstudion. The best studio in the world. Great people, expensive microphones, the smell.

for walking

For the connoisseurs: Ringön. For the more traditional ones: the Botanic Garden.

for sleeping

I don’t know really. I rarely stay at hotels or hostels or so in Gothenburg. But I guess they’re all okay. There’s a hostel close to Slottskogen. On Olivedalsgatan. I’ve had friends staying there, I haven’t heard anything bad about it.

for the best view

Guldhedstornet. It’s a a café far, far up in the sky. In some kind of tower. I think that tower had something to do with the water that’s coming out of the tap. Don’t know to much about that actually. I guess it has something to do with ”the pressure”. Right?


your favorite local place

Pizza Bar on Norra Gubberogatan. Go there, fall in love, go home.

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