I Blodet: A Coming of Age Story

Rasmus Heisterberg definitely proved himself as a writer with movies such as Royal Affair (2012) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009) but his debut as a director I Blodet premiered at Toronto film festival on September 2016.

The movie simply tells the story of pains of being twenty-something and the looming responsibility and adulthood. Simon (Kristoffer Bech)  is a medical student with straight A’s, sharing an apartment in Copenhagen with his three close friends and their lives have reached the peak of recklessness. Heavy drug use, alcohol and partying mark their probably last carefree years and they live like there is no tomorrow. Although Simon is not ready to leave all these behind yet, his flatmates are getting closer to moving onto next thing in their lives and this fact slowly estranges their relationship. Resentment and jealousy consume Simon and make him even more self-destructive. We watch Simon shattering his own life into pieces and picking them up, trying to get closure.

The movie won Bodil award for best Danish film and best supporting-actress for Victoria Carmen Sonne’s portrayal of Emilie, Simon’s manic pixie dream girl, it also received numerous nominations from Hamburg Film Festival and Robert Festival.

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