Copenhagen by Fallulah

Our second city guide is Copenhagen by one of the sweetest person; Fallulah. She answered all of the questions about her favorite places in Copenhagen intimately. Also, we are really happy about her upcoming album “Perfect Tense” on 26 February. And there are three beautiful songs from the album is already released. Don’t forget to pre-order “Perfect Tense” and listen three new songs, here. Also you can join the “Fahmily” to get latest news and personal messages from her.

for eating

Copenhagen has so much good food, it’s hard to decide. We recently got a big food mecca with lots of food trucks selling cuisine from all over the world. It’s at Papirøen (paper island) sitting right on the water in a big industrial hangar. You can get there by foot or by taking a water taxi from the edge of Nyhavn. They also often have live music and flea markets.

for drinking

My favorite bars are almost like something from a scene from Mad Men. I like good cocktails and beautiful dark wood, fireplaces and so on. For that vibe I can recommend Lidkoeb on Vesterbrogade and Ruby’s on Gammel Strand.

for coffee

The city is overflowing with great little coffee spots. I avoid the big chain coffee houses and go for locals like Kents Kaffe Laboratorium or Coffee Collective at Torvehallerne. Torvehallerne is our indoor food market by Nørreport station. It’s worth a visit. In the summer there’s live jazz outside and people are enjoying themselves at the champagne bar.

for dancing

Head down to the meat packing district called Kødbyen where you’ll find lots of trendy clubs and restaurants. This is where most young people go to get their dancing on.

for music

For live music my all time favorite is the venue Vega. They book great acts, both danish and international. They have kept the gorgeous original 50’s interior. Great acoustics too.

for escaping

The botanical garden is kind of a hidden gem. It’s in the city center but you can take a walk in there and forget you are in a busy capitol. The big glass greenhouses are beautiful and there’s lots of interesting flora to look at.

for record shopping

There’s a quite legendary place on Vesterbro called Sort Kaffe og Vinyl. It translates to black coffee and vinyl, and is owned by a real connoisseur. If you are into vinyls this is a good little place.

for clothes shopping

We have many good danish brands, it’s hard not to shop all the time. I can recommend WoodWood, Ganni, Baum und Pferdgarten, Bruuns Bazaar, Stine Goya, Soulland for the guys. If you want to go to a place where they have a little of everything visit the department stores Illum or Magasin.

for first date

Depends on the danish weather. If it’s an artsy first date then visit the great contemporary museum Louisiana , which is a 30 min train ride outside of Copenhagen city. It’s in a quiet and beautiful little city. If it’s a bit more chill then I would probably go to a nice local bodega and have a beer. I think that’s what the kids do, haha.

for inspiration

I love movies and am very inspired by them, so I would go to Empire, a great cinema on Nørrebro.

for walking

Copenhagen is so small, so you can actually walk to most places in the center. A very local thing to do is to stroll around the 4 lakes called Søerne with a good coffee in your hand.

for sleeping

The citizens of Copenhagen are all quite interior savvy and have nice apartments, so if you want a local experience I would recommend booking an airbnb in the area you most prefer. For hotels I really like the small chain called Guldsmeden. It serves organic food and has a good blend of luxury and cosyness.

for the best view

The view from the ride Det Gyldne Tårn in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens is spectacular and you have about 9 seconds to enjoy the view of the city before you are dropped down in a crazy free fall motion. For something a bit more cosy and touristy I really recommend boat rides on the canals.

your favorite local place

As a vegan I want to give a shootout to my regular spot called Simpleraw. They make delicious fresh plant based food. You have to try their tapas and chocolate cake.

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