Postiljonen: Music to Daydream With

Get ready for some music to daydream with: Put your headphones on, pour yourself one of your favourite drinks and then close your eyes. Now you are ready to listen to Postiljonen.

Postiljonen (in Swedish meaning The Postman) are a dream pop band from Sweden. In fact the band consists of Mia Bøe (Norwegian), Joel Nostrum Holm (Swedish) and Daniel Sjörs (Swedish) and was formed in 2011 in Stockholm, therefore it is considered Swedish. The band released their debut album Skyer in 2013, a remix EP All That We Have is Lost in 2014 and their last album Reverie in 2016. The band used to sing also in Swedish but with the release of Rivers in English they managed to reach a wider international audience. Since then they make their albums only in English.

The band’s sound can be described as dreamy and sometimes ethereal vocals harmonised with an electronic base, keyboards that will definitely remind you of 80s sound —as you would typically expect from a dream pop or a shoegaze band. But you wouldn’t expect to hear is an alto saxophone and some sound bites from old films, would you? These features make their sound characteristic. This is more than natural as the band members take inspiration from black and white films. What inspires them more are 80s and summer nights. In their own words ‘they are nostalgic daydreamers’.

It would be so refreshing to listen to Postiljonen during a breezy spring evening, or on a slightly cooler summer night, their ever flowing albums will accompany your alone time to feel like you are floating on air and wonder whether you have time travelled back to 80s.

You can find Postiljonen’s Spotify page below, make sure you check their music!

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