New Year, New Norwegian Banknotes

After being chosen the happiest country of 2017, Norway is again on the agenda this year with the new banknotes. The new banknotes to be printed have already been completed. In the summer, they will be with us with their first two editions.

What are The New Banknotes Like?

The banknotes that will be used in the summer of 2017 reveal themselves in the harmony of the past and today. The new banknotes that will come out in 5 different colors have an abstract, cubic atmosphere.

Important details about Norwegian maritime history are clearly visible on the front side (observe side) of the money. The new banknotes tell so much about Norweigan history with their new designs proposed by Metric Design and  Terje Tønnessen.

The Combination of  The Wind and  The Ocean

Although the observe side shows us the historical remains of Norway, the new banknotes bring a new perspective to contemporary postmodernism with their back side (reverse side). The new banknotes, fully pixelated on the reverse side, are perhaps the most minimal blow that Norway has ever applied so far.

Always One Step Ahead

Coins, banknotes… Money has always drawn attention with their designs since the first day. That is why every state has always wanted to offer a piece of themselves in their currency. Nowadays, these designs of banknotes have become a demonstration not only of the history of the states but also of how far they have advanced in the field of art. Every detail is handled gracefully, from natural beauty to portraits of statesmen.

Norway has also resorted to a good way to show how far it has gone in the field of art. The new pixel design makes it easier to distinguish between money and brings a new perspective to the contemporary art movement.

New banknotes have security measures that are both visible and invisible. New banknotes may give a different impression when touched because they are printed on cotton paper. Norwegian officials have announced that they have chosen cotton paper to increase security measures.

Arild Yttri and Morten Johansen are the designers of new banknotes. They have created the new banknotes by evaluating the recommendations of Metric Design, Terje Tønnessen and Snøhetta Design.

For more information of the designer and the new banknotes click  here.


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