From the Heart of Sólstafir -Berdreyminn

After 3 years break, Icelandic heavy metal band Sólstafir, set to release their sixth album Berdreyminn on May 26th. Their fifth album Ótta which was released in 2014 was an epitome of the dark and intense colors of Northern culture bringing a bright light to deep emotions we hide inside.

What we know for sure is that Sólstafir is not like others. They keep discovering new enigmatical melodies and enchanting stories mirroring their metal background. Bláfjall, which is their latest release, is a combination of classic and hard rock giving ear pleasure,  making people feel the frightening side of melancholia.

From London to Paris, Breda to Karlsruhe, they are ready to give the European fans Icelandic metal.

You can check their website. Make sure that you pre-order Berdreyminn.

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