Brothers and Rams, Hrútar.

Set in a remote, calm and stunningly beautiful Icelandic sheep-herding village, Hrutar tells the tale of Gummi and Kiddi. Gummi and Kiddi, brothers who live in farms next to each other, have not been talking to each other for nearly twenty years. After a set of events following a local competition over who has the strongest ram, they will have to come to terms with their loneliness and rekindle their bonds of brotherhood.

Hrutar is a movie about old grudges, solitude of the Icelandic nature, and a heartwarming tale about two beard-sporting and sweater-wearing farmers.

Gummi and Kiddi both have an impecable taste in Icelandic sweaters.

Full of long, grey shots that show the true face of Icelandic countryside, this movie also offers an insight about what life is like in the farms of Iceland.
Shots such as these show the splendor of Icelandic nature

While it does not have many rewards to its’ name, this movie is well worth a watch.

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