Aarhus, The 2017 European Capital of Culture

Danes, rejoice! Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark, is crowned the European Capital of Culture.

This old Viking town is a perfect mixture of the old and the new. From the city’s gothic cathedral to the contemporary architectural masterpieces such as Isbjerget, Aarhus has long deserved this title.

The Art Nouevau theatre of Aarhus is another representative of the city’s harmonious nature.

Aarhus is a sprawling city in terms of culture and economy. Although it houses a bustling nightlife and one of the Denmark’s finest universities, it has always been a little under the shade of Copenhagen Yet, this year, Aarhus has a chance to proove itself to the world as Copehagen’s equal with the motto “Let’s rethink.”

As a part of the European Capital of Culture program, Aarhus will be hosting a plethora of cultural events exhibitions to concerts. For a more detailed information and schedule of events, you can visit this website.

And meanwhile, here’s a stunning timelapse of Aarhus. Enjoy!

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