Marie Sahba – Never Got To Know You


The Norwegian-Iranian independent artist, songwriter, and producer Marie Sahba released the pop banger “Never Got To Know You” on March 25th where Eastern traditional music melts together with Scandinavian pop. The song is a taste of her upcoming EP which is set to be released in the fall of 2022. 

“Never Got To Know You” depicts the longing for her family in Iran and “what could’ve been” if the circumstances were different and honor her Grandmother (she graces the cover!). 

“Never Got To Know You” is a strong follow-up after her debut EP “Out of Control” which was released at the end of 2019. The debut single “Take Me Back” has been frequently played on radio, New Music Friday, H&M’s International in-store playlists, and is also featured in the critically acclaimed series “Heksejakt” on TV2 and the Swedish drama series “Udda Veckor”.

Marie Sahba has received great reviews from her past live performances and has proven herself to be a strong live artist. Adressa wrote that Marie Sahba «is a wonderful force of nature» and that «the concert at Trondheim Calling was a powerful demonstration». She has played festivals such as by:Larm, Pstereo, Sørveiv and venues such as Rockefeller, Sentrum Scene and Parkteatret.

Losing her father while working on her upcoming EP, Marie decided to focus on her roots in Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. Marie, who brought the album to life in memory of her father, thinks that the EP is very personal and reflects her origins beautifully. Wanting to reflect multiculturalism in the sound universe, Marie Sahba collaborated with Turkish cellist Yasemin Özler for her debut single “Never Got To Know You”.
Listen the single here!

Sahba talks about her longing for her family in Iran and what could have been if circumstances have been different. Meanwhile, she also honors her grandmother and adorns her with the single cover.

“My longing for our family in Iran and the fact that I never got to see my grandmother has been a big part of my upbringing. I think a lot of people with similar backgrounds can relate to this song and feeling. What could have been is something that keeps on turning in my head.”  — Marie Sahba

Music: Marie Sahba & Finson
Lyrics: Marie Sahba & Finson
Producer: Finson
Cellist: Yasemin Özler
Mix: Martin Vinje
Mastering: Mats Ronander
Photo: Sondre Mjåland
Artwork Design: Ragnhild Nes