Interview: Sóley

Hej Sóley! How are you doing? How is your tour going? Do you have any expectation for your Istanbul concert? You have already come to Istanbul 3 year ago, I assume.

Hey! I’m great, a little bit tired right now (playing in Prague last night was a blast!) but we have a day off tomorrow so we can rest a bit! I’m very much looking forward to the Istanbul show, yes i’ve been in Istanbul before and i loved it!

You have studied classical and jazz style piano. Later you went to Icelandic Art Academy to study composition. We can not say you are making classical or any jazz music. How did you create your own music style?

I think this is the style of music i like to listen to myself, a little dark and slow music so i kinda went for what i liked!

I must say your lyrics are poetic for me, they are so sincere and full of emotions. Do you like reading poems? How can someone in her mid-twenties write song like these? I really like your lyrics and music. Literally.

Thanks! I read a lot of poems when i’m in the writing process. It gives me an inspiration if i’m stuck with my lyrics. But i also like poems in general, their short and often have a whole story in only one page!

Why don’t you write some of your songs in Icelandic? I know, you sometimes give Icelandic words – -like ‘Ævintýr’. I think Icelandic sounds really interesting when it earns a life with songs. Or it is just me who is finding it magical and beautiful. Hehehe.

One day i wanna make a piano album with icelandic lyrics! It’s on my 5-7 years to-do list 🙂

Do you like reading books? Who is your favourite writer? If it is easy to decide. Maybe you could suggest us a Nordic book?

I love reading books but i’m such a “workaholic” that i never give me time to sit down with a book. Also after my daughter was born i NEVER have time to do anything haha 😉 I can definitely suggest you some icelandic writers. My favorite is Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir. Her book Afleggjarinn has been translated to english i think. Then to name a few more: Gyrðir Elíasson, Davíð Stefánsson (a poet), Steinn Steinarr, Kristín Steinssdóttir.

Iceland’s amazing nature and magical northern lights influenced your music? It must be really effective.

It’s really beautiful! I never get tired to travel in Iceland!

You are quite a young musician. I’m sure you have some goals to achieve. Could you tell us one of your goals? 🙂

Haha! Well i wanna make more music, different types, classical and pop music. Tour more and most of all be happy with my family <3

Your name is called like ‘One of best Icelandic vocals after Björk’. Mostly everyone knows you like this. It is true. How do you feel about being called with a big title like this? It is Björk after all…

Well i always consider myself not being a singer so i don’t know where you heard that! But i guess i’m a singer since that’s my job now to sing for people 🙂

What is your favourite movie? Do you also have one of a Nordic movie? Which movies would you like to suggest us?

Wow that’s a hard one. I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson, Michael Gondry and others. Melancholia by Lars Von Trier is quite a piece! One of my favourite icelandic movie is Englar Alheimsins. It’s very depressive and good!

Do you follow new Icelandic musicians maybe from Iceland Airwaves? I have just discovered Wesen for example. Do you have any new favourite musicians?

My new favorite band from Iceland is a punk trio called Kælan Mikla, i recommend it!